My newly discovered brand

A few weeks ago my newly discovered brand CAUDALIE launched a new face cleansing program called Vinoclean. When it comes to make-up removal I have always been skeptical.

The products I would love to use ideally are natural and sustainable. ✨

With CAUDALIE you have both, natural and sustainable products!

🍇100% eco-friendly: bottles made from 100% recycled plastic + 100% recyclable bottles for zero waste.

🍇 Highly natural-origin formulas: each one is formulated with 97% to 100% of sensory natural-origin ingredients such as vine flower, grape seed oil & water, sweet almond and rose.

For Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, the visionary founders of Caudalie, the commitment to the environment became a matter of course; it is the continuation of the commitment to safety, cosmetics and cosmetics. Since 2006 and the organization of the cosmos, the Caudalie team has sold itself in a tireless battle over the states of the ecological footprint of the products.

What a personally love about Caudalie is the extremely natural formulas. The central points remains the absolute clean cosmetics and with ingredients wich are strictly product traceable.

It is a vegan & animal friendly brand

"We will make Caudalie the rightest of all clean and other brands, the beauty brand with its own environmental awareness." Mathilde Thomas - founder of Caudalie

If you are looking for something natural, which is vegan and good for the nature, you should definitely try the new Vinoclean products from Caudalie.

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